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Crack LCD Screen Display Repair For APPLE MACBOOK

Jacklaptop offers all kinds of laptop repair services.In the past ten years,we have repaired over thousands of laptop computers.We have repair shop located in Vancouver(BC,Canada)and Bellingham(WA,US)serving customers locally and all over US&Canada.We have every single laptop repair parts in stock,which guarantees fastest turnaround time for you.

How does it work?
Purchase the repair service on eBay by pressing¡°Buy It Now.¡±
You need to pack and ship your laptop to us.
After we receive your laptop,our experienced technicians will take a look at your laptop.
Then our technicians will install a Brand New LCD Panel on your laptop to replace the old one.
When we finish the whole process of repairing and testing,we will ship your laptop back to you right away.Many shipping options are available to you.

How long does the repairing service take?
As soon as we receive your laptop,we will start working on it.It usually takes less than 24 hours to complete the whole process including testing.While we have the laptop,if we find any other problems,we will immediately contact you through eBay email or by phone.

What kind of problems do we repair?
Broken,cracked,or physically damaged screen.
Fuzzy screen.
Backlight problems(Dim screen).
White Spots.
Lines on the screen.If you have other problems,you can contact us directly.

How long is the warranty?
Our screens are high quality Brand New screens,therefore we offer you 1 year warranty.Please note:1 year warranty only applies to fuzzy screen,lines on the screen and other visual defection.Any physical damage such as cracks on the screen is not included in the warranty.

How do I contact you?
You can connect us through eBay email,but if you want to talk to us,you can contact me through the phone.
Shipping address:
Mark Laptop USA CO.
2101 Cornwall Ave,
Bellingham,WA 98225

How do I ship my laptop to you?
You can ship your laptop to the shipping address shown above.Please note that wrapping your laptop in bubble wraps or other protective materials is crucial.Make sure that there is as little empty space inside the package as possible.
Please include your FULL eBay ID,PayPal transaction number,correct return address and phone number in the package.

How can I get my laptop back as fast as possible?I need it in 3 days!
What you can do is ship the package to us through Overnight Shipping or One-Day Shipping.Then when you purchase the order,you can choose the return shipping method as Overnight Shipping,which only takes 1 full day for the package to arrive to you.