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DC Jack Repair


The DC Jack is the socket or connector which sits inside your laptop and allows you to connect a charger or mains supply. If your DC Jack is broken then you are not able to charge the battery and/or run the laptop from the electrical mains outlet.
In most cases the laptop is completely unusable when the battery runs out, because it cannot be charged. In other cases laptops are known to have worked by wiggling and positioning the charger in such a way that it makes the correct contact and allow the battery to charge again. This is dangerous and will eventually cause permanent damage to the motherboard; therefore we highly recommend that you fix the DC Jack problem as soon as possible.
More recent laptops have added security mechanisms built-in by the manufacturer so that the laptop can only use genuine chargers. This feature works by using the "centre pin" as a data transfer connection, allowing the charger to identify itself as genuine. If your DC Jack is broken on these models, you may find that the laptop still runs off the mains. You will notice however that the battery itself will refuse to charge, or the laptop will refuse to start Windows because it knows that you are not using genuine equipment. If you have a genuine charger but are experiencing these types of issues, it could be that your DC Jack is broken and should be repaired immediately.
When sending in your laptop for a DC Jack repair, we request that you bring the original charger with the laptop so that we can conduct several tests. If you are unable to send your charger to us for any reason, we will use one of our own workshop units to test the system, but cannot be held responsible if you later find that your own charger does not work with the repaired system.