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Data Recovery & Backup

Data Recovery Service,USB Flash Drive, Computer Hard Drive, SD Card, microSD Micro SD cards, SSD, Repair

Have you accidentally erased your documents from your computer, hard drive, USB flash drive or SD camera card?
If so we can retrieve your data, even after a Format, Accidental Erase, or even Windows Installation.
This service will only work if your SD Card, Hard Drive, USB Flash drive are still functional, not for broken devices.

We can recover you data in the following Situations:

 Damaged, Failed or Faulty Hard Disk
 Hard Disk is not detected by computer
 Hard Disk is making clicking sounds
 Hard Disk is not spinning
 Power failures
 Flooded drives
 Deleted Files and Emails
 Formatted Hard Disk
 Deleted files recovery

The process is simple, you use the buy-it-now on eBay, we then email you the shipping address and a form to include with the device. Then You send us your storage media (Hard drive, Thumb Drive, SD card, etc). After we receive the device, we will determine what data is recoverable. Once you agree to the recovery, we will go ahead with the data extraction and send back the info via CD, DVD, Flash Drive or HDD depending on the amount of data recovered.

Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions!