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Liquid Spillages


As with any piece of electrical equipment, laptops are not waterproof and will cease to function if you spill liquid on it. Some liquids such as Coca Cola will corrode the components on the motherboard and cause lasting damage.
Liquid damage affects laptops in different ways. Some may appear to continuous working, but functions such as Wireless or Bluetooth may be impaired. Some cases your laptop can still be turned on, however even your laptop can still be turned on and work, it is likely that after a week or so it will completely stop working. This is because the liquid will oxidize the components on the motherboard over a short period of time, having a hope that everything is OK but then resulting in disappointment later.

Shut it off! Immediately remove the battery, the A/C adapter, and unplug the device after the spill. The biggest danger at first is the device shorting out. The electrolytic activity of combining electricity and liquids will begin as soon as the liquid contacts the powered circuits so removing the power and battery immediately is essential. Turn it upside down immediately to stop the liquid from traveling deeper into the machine.
Do not attempt to power on your laptop. You should immediately book a collection and start the repair process. Your laptop will not dry naturally, and if you try to turn it on without correctly cleaning then you could cause more damage. Jack Laptop specialists use special cleaning fluid and cleaning processes that are designed for electrical equipment. We do not just simply dry your laptop and then send it back to you.
This is a heavily involved specialist job and should not be attempted by anyone other than a professional.