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Motherboard Repair

We have ten years of experiences in repairing laptop.We have several expert technicians providing the best service available if you are having problems with your laptop.We are also experienced eBay seller,guaranteed the fastest shipping and handling time possible.

You would need our help if

Your display remains black or pixelated after power up.DISPLAY REMAINS BLACK ON POWER UP
Your display has no video at all.
Your display has scrambled,distorted or white/milky image.
Your display shows up on an external monitor but not on the internal screen.
Your display has very dim display or backlight problem.
Your display has visible lines.
Your flux cable/video cable is damaged.
Your resolution is not correct.
Your laptop has blue screen of death.
Your laptop keeps restarting without login onto the system desktop.
Your laptop freezes for no reason.
Your laptop overheats.
Your laptop has graphic errors.
Your laptop has liquid damage.(Water,juice,soft drinks,coffee,tea,etc)
Your laptop has no power(doesn¡¯t turn on)
Your laptop can¡¯t not detect HDD(Hard drive not being read)
Your laptop powers on randomly.
Your laptop shuts down randomly.
Your laptop shuts down right after turning on.
Your laptop has distorted image or text after warming up.
Your laptop beeps after turning on.
Your laptop has broken screen.
Your laptop has no sound.
Your laptop has no audio.
Your laptop doesn¡¯t have internet access.
Your internal web camera has issues.
Your mouse is not working properly.
Your mouse¡¯s right and left button isn¡¯t responding.
Your keyboard is not working properly.
Your speakers have unwanted noises.
Your laptop(HP,IBM or Dell)has invalid serial number.
Your DVD Reader is not detectable.
Your laptop can¡¯t read CD/DVD/Blue ray.
Your ram(memory card)is detected or recognized.
Your system is not recognizing drives such as hard drive,optical drives or card reader etc.
Your system doesn¡¯t let you install display drivers(system crashes when installing video card driver).
Your system doesn¡¯t let you install audio drivers(speakers or microphone is not functioning).
Your system recognizes the audio driver,but still has no sound.
Your system doesn¡¯t let you install LAN drivers.
Your touchpad or mouse pad is not working.
Your USB ports can¡¯t detect USB devices.
Your USB ports are damaged or not functioning.
Your Wireless card or Bluetooth is not working properly.
Your laptop doesn¡¯t charge up.
Your laptop doesn¡¯t power on by battery mode.
You need BIOS password removal.
Your need Windows password removal.
You need MAC OS password removal.
Your CPU is running at low speed.
Your laptop can¡¯t detect power adapter.
Your Mac has blue light issue(No Power)
Your laptop can¡¯t shut down properly.
Your power jack is broken or loose.
Your laptop is physically damaged(Cracked back cover,broken hinge,damaged plastic parts)
What should I do after I clicked¡°Buy It Now¡±?

After clicking Buy It Now,you can send your laptop directly to us.After we receive the laptop our technicians
will start working on it.We will give you updates through emails.Once we finish repairing your laptop,we will send it back to you.

Note to buyers:

Buyers are responsible to the shipping fee for shipping the laptop to us.
We only accept payments from Paypal.
We only provide services to customers within US and Canada.
If you have questions,you can contact us at 1(604)-742-0756