What are the brands and models of laptop can we repair?
We can repair practically any laptops regardless of model, brand or no brand. Our team of technicians have a high level of Technical Expertise on the clone models and ODM laptops, and able to fix most laptops.

Does the motherboard repair cost cover the video and CPU chips on the motherboard?
Yes, the repair cost covers most of the video chips on the motherboard. But if the malfunction parts are special video chips, independent video cards or special CPUs, then customers would have to pay additional cost to purchase the parts and pay for the extra labour cost.

Can I send my laptop personally to your store / workshop for a quick check and repair?
Yes. you could bring your laptop personally to our retail store / workshop for a quick check, where we could estimate the cost of repair your laptop. We are located at Pacific Plaza, #1315, 8888 odlin crescent, Richmond, BC V6X 3Z8 .

Do you repair both hardware and software problems of the laptops?
Yes, We are able to do repair on both the hardware and software of the laptops. For Software problems, we are familiar with Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh systems, able to re-install the operating system without affecting your important data. Data recovery for the important information on your hard drive can also be done when necessary.

Is the diagnostic test for the laptop free of charge?
Yes,If you bring in your laptop personally to our workshop at #1315, 8888 Odlin Crescent, Richmond, BC V6X 3Z8, our diagnostic test for you is free of charge.

Is my data on the hard drive safe with you?
Yes,Unless you want us to do the back up of your hard drive, we will never access your hard drive without your permission. We only use our hard drives in our workshop for laptop diagnosis and repair.